Fence Styles: 10 common styles to think about


With such a large amount of fence designs out there these days, it is laborious for householders to settle on the one that most closely fits their property and wishes. Fences typically represent 3 categories: privacy, functional, and ornamental. whether or not wont to outline property boundaries, k…

Privacy, Please
Wood Privacy Fence
Transform your area into a secluded hideaway with privacy fences, that are out there in an exceedingly kind of designs and in materials that vary from cedar and pressure-treated wood to vinyl. ornamental choices embrace lattice panel topnotch with coordinative gates and post caps.
Classic Charmer
White paling
Nothing is kind of the maximum amount an element of our yank consciousness because the ancient white paling, one in all the foremost well-loved fence sorts of all time. This enticing style is made of professional quality commercial-grade vinyl and options a swish crenate high and extra-wide posts go away by dilutant high and bottom rails.


The Splits
Rustic Fence
One of the foremost common rustic fence designs is that the classic split-rail fence, that is made of long, rough-hewn beams that are rib through holes bored go into heavier, rounded posts. historically, split-rail fences were used on farms to stay stock from lost and were created mistreatment native chestnut trees. Today, split-rail fences are created primarily of black locust wood.
Attractive aluminium
aluminium Fence
Metal makes a sublime and attractive—albeit expensive—ornamental fence material. Most metal fences feature AN open style with wide spaced pickets and are typically lidded by scrollwork or ornamental parts. Aluminum, one in all the smallest amount high-priced metals used for fencing, offers householders a sturdy and long possibility.
Lovely Lattice
Lattice Fence
Heavy-duty lattice panels is wont to produce a sublime ornamental component. Lattice fences could also be created of cedar, pressure-treated pine, or natural wood. they are usually created with wide high and bottom rails for stability. several lattice fences designs conjointly feature ornamental posts and post caps, making a customized look.
Contemporary Custom
up to date Fence style
Many trendy fence styles defy description, incorporating distinctive mixtures of horizontal, vertical, and even recurved pickets to form one thing really distinctive and private. Contemporary-styled fences are typically fabricated from metal or vinyl, though there are several enticing, current styles that are crafted from wood further.

Post trendy
Estate Fencing
Post-and-rail fencing—also called estate fencing—is AN updated, up to date tackle the classic split-rail fence. Post-and-rail fencing is often created employing a three-rail style, with 3 sq. horizontal rails connected to solid, heavy sq. posts. Post-and-rail fences is created of wood, vinyl, or metal.
Semi Sensational
Semi-Private Fence
This custom private cedar fence is made mistreatment alternating pickets of 2 completely different widths; every form of picket is about in an exceedingly row, with a niche between the 2 rows. This sleek and conventionalized style is finished off with horizontal rails on each the highest and bottom, making a novel and personalised look.

Rock On
Stone Fence
Rock and stone are the oldest sorts of fences, used since past to delineate property lines and keep cattle confined. The earliest stone fences were created by merely column stones on high of every different in an exceedingly heap; newer stone fences use wire-mesh frames and mortar to attain a additional finished look.
Chain Gang
Chain Link Fence
The best, most typical, and least high-priced form of fence material is chain link, used primarily as a purposeful fence to stay individuals or animals confined. because the name suggests, chain-link fences are created of links of metal that are twisted along and connected to upright poles. upmarket chain-link fences are vinyl coated for bigger sturdiness and longevity.

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